An appropriately experienced Executive who is briefed personally by client handles an assignment. Detailed and confidential information should be shared and communicated to us by client in order to ensure that we understand the Position and Person Profiles and agree on search strategy.
Newspapers to advertise with are discussed and recommended based on results they have yielded in the advertisement history. Response from different newspapers is tabled as such.
Additional potential candidates are identified from our comprehensive database and our national and international network of contacts that are able to provide objective assessment on candidates sought.
Quality Assurance Team
We have a team of executives who brainstorm whilst looking at quality of profiles of candidates before they get submitted to the clients. This is done by comparing the CV to the job specification and notes that the client gave during the briefing (additional information that may not be documented in specification because of the nature and the sensitivity of the information). Educational qualifications are prioritised in terms of their significance. An unstable career record does not necessarily indicate a lack of ability, but candidates with such a record are counselled with a view to assisting them in their future endeavours. Their names are nevertheless not put forward as candidates.
Progress Report
The report is compiled as we get the brief to capture daily activities for accuracy and filling clienton the progress. This activity also assists to manage labour related queries which might come out of the process. (We have never experienced the latter, we are just being cautious). Regular strategic review sessions are held with client or as the need arises where targeted organisations and targeted candidates are discussed, focussing on their experience and their social and educational background.Feedback on market reaction to the client and position, salary structure and any important information is discussed with client.

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